The Future of Sorority Communication

In an age dominated by digital interactions, the need for an efficient and dedicated communication platform for sororities has never been more pressing. From event coordination and assistance requests to sharing the cherished moments of sorority life, Feed Our House is tailored for the unique dynamics of sisterhood. 

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Why Choose Feed Our House for Your Sorority?

  • Direct, Hassle-Free Interaction: Forget the traditional waits, skip the calls. Now, every event query, room need, or sorority-specific request is a mere tap away on your device.
  • Uncompromised Safety & Privacy: Trust is paramount. We prioritize the privacy and safety of all communications, ensuring they remain within the protective embrace of your sorority community.
  • Revolutionizing Sorority Dynamics: Step into the future of sorority interactions with Feed Our House. Experience unmatched convenience, bolster efficiency, and nurture deeper connections among sisters.

At  Feed Our House, we recognize the importance of seamless communication without overwhelming notifications. We understand that management is always on the go and may not have the time to constantly monitor another application. That’s why we’ve integrated email notifications into our system. Whenever a house member submits a new request, the house management is promptly notified via email, allowing them to stay informed without having to continuously check the app. We’re aware of the annoyance that comes with juggling notifications from numerous apps, so we’ve consolidated updates for house management into a platform they already frequently use: their email. Stay updated, without the clutter.

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Elevate Your Sorority Experience with Feed Our House

Late plate sign up

Never Miss a Meal Again: With class schedules and unexpected commitments, missing meals is a reality for many sorority members. Now, simply sign up for late plates online. 

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Virtual Food Menu

Stay Updated with Daily Menus: Curious about what’s for dinner? View the menu online from anywhere. Deciding meals has never been easier!

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Events & Announcements

Stay Updated with Bulletins: Never miss out on any critical information. Online bulletins ensure the entire chapter is updated in real-time.

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Housekeeping at Your Fingertips

Whether it’s a running toilet, a room temperature issue, or a jammed door, submit a maintenance request and have it addressed promptly.

Prompt Maintenance Requests:

 Is your room gathering dust? Need vacuuming? Place a housekeeping request directly from your device.

Personalize Your Meals

Have a favorite dish you’re craving? Use the suggest/request feature to convey your culinary desires to the private chef.

Tailored To Your Needs

Recognizing that every sorority house is unique, we shun the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Feed Our House is not a cookie-cutter app. We meticulously design the system to align with your house’s specific needs and setup.

Direct Line to House Director

Privately or anonymously send messages to the house director/mother. Have your voice heard without any barriers.

Hassle-Free Meal Plans

 Allow members to sign up for meal plans through the app. Simplify logistics and planning for the entire house..

Streamlined Houseboy Schedule

Create a clear and accessible work schedule and roster dedicated to your houseboy team, ensuring efficiency and clarity in roles

transforms the Greek life experience

Choose Feed Our House and redefine your sorority’s communication and operational paradigm. Elevate your sorority experience and streamline operations like never before. Join the revolution today.

Revolutionizing Sorority Life with Advanced Technology

Discover how Feed Our House transforms sorority management with cutting-edge technology, enhancing communication and service efficiency across Greek life. Our platform, designed specifically for the unique needs of sororities, simplifies daily management tasks while promoting a stronger sense of community. From streamlined meal planning to efficient event organization and direct messaging systems, everything is tailored to enhance the sorority experience. Explore our innovative solutions that empower leaders and members alike, fostering a connected and supportive environment. Learn how our commitment to technological excellence and user-friendly design makes sorority management not just easier, but more effective

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